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Customer Centricity leads to increased revenues


With 20+ years’ experience in customer focused environments, Be All Ears fully understands what is needed to become customer centric which helps support revenue growth and a reduction in operational costs. We are currently the only consultancy company in Czech Republic and surrounding areas who have fully certified customer experience consultants on our books.


At Be All Ears we are passionate about putting the customer at the heart of all you do, we follow the competencies of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) and are an advocate of the accreditation, Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP). We can provide training and exam preparation for these competencies.

Who are the CXPA?

The CXPA competencies have been developed by CX industry leading professionals and are there as working guidelines to demonstrate the key areas which a business must work on if they are to become truly customer focused. Be All Ears uses this framework with various methodologies which works well with our motto of “Be What You Should Be”. This in turn allows for improvements to your internal mechanisms supporting better decisions, successfully driving your business forward. In short, we help you with customer experience management.

Here are the six core competencies of the CXPA which we adhere to:

  1. Customer-Centric Culture
  2. Organizational Adoption and Accountability
  3. Voice of the Customer, Customer Insight, and Understanding
  4. Experience Design, Improvement, and Innovation
  5. Metrics, Measurement, and ROI
  6. Customer Experience Strategy


We have the knowledge of setting up and growing customer operations from scratch in the start-up arena as well as supporting tenured businesses. We are open with our communication and we do not hide behind our words.

We review how your business ticks and test how mature your current CX model is. From there we identify where you can drive the most meaningful improvements, taking into consideration the 6 core competencies, our motto and proven CX methodologies.

We review a wide array of business metrics but more importantly we listen to the people. Taking this approach allows us to really get to the root causes of everyday customer & employee pain, working with you to formulate a tailor-made CX strategy. We stick by you and support you at every step of the way, but it is you driving the change. This is crucial for us; we will not sign off until we mutually agree that you understand our methods and have delivered the agreed results. You then have the experience to take things forward into your own ventures, and we can be proud you have embraced our support and our motto.

We have walked the walk and do not wish to be making the same mistakes that a lot of corporations continue to make. This then led to the motto “be what you should be”. We do not want to waste time trying to be what we are not; we are a company built on key values which have been formulated from essential perspectives:

you – the individual

them – the customer

us – the employer

What is the inspirational motto referring to?
“Be what you should be…”

Be representative of yourself, the individual.  Be YOU

Be representative of clients or customers.  Be THEM

Be representative of your employer or partner. Be US

“Be what you should be” promotes a strong correlation between experiences with customers (CX) and employees (EX) supporting businesses to reach sustainable growth


The background…


In today’s world, people centricity is crucial to the success of any company. Many companies say they put customers first, but do they? Whilst it may be great that a company responds quickly to a customer complaint, by focusing on the CX framework we aim to remove the reason for complaint all together, being proactive, not reactive.


You will find mission statements and values from companies which state they are customer/people centric, but when you look closely you often find sentiments from customers or employees online which state otherwise. Putting customers first is an ongoing task and takes on average 6-7 years to become truly customer centric.


Be What You Should relates to this very topic, if you say you are customer focused then deliver on that promise. Be accountable for what we do and what we say we do. For some companies this can mean a big change and requires the attention, alignment and support of the CEO and all senior leaders to support the business to be what they should be.


Be What You Should Be Scenarios


Let’s take an employee who provides a negative experience to the customer. Maybe they do not like their job, or understand the importance of their role and how it contributes to the success of the company and the customer’s experience? Are they being what they should be?


Does the employee understand they are a link in the chain of events which can impact the experience of the customer? Has the employee received appropriate guidance and support which helps educate them on why they are so important? Does the employee feel valued themselves? Which then brings us back to, is the company being what they should be?


How does your technology and processes contribute successfully to the customer experience? Often employees take many shortcuts to bypass internal technologies or software, changing the official processes to make it is easier for them and the customer. Is the customer journey in these situations understood correctly? Is this being what you should be?


To be what you should be is to deliver on your brand mission, to deliver on your values and promises to your customers and employees. To be what you should be is for your employees to understand where they contribute positively and for them to deliver on their responsibilities. Whether it is corporations, employees, technology/third party partners or customers, we all have a responsibility to be what you should be!


No matter where you are in your CX improvement journey, , we can relate, we can help, we can be what we should be…


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