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Did you know Bees do not have ears? Instead Bees produce low-frequency sounds with their wings during several of their dances, to add extra information. They can't hear sound in the air, but can hear vibrations through the hive walls, and do communicate in this way.
Luckily for you, we DO have ears and we're looking forward to hearing from you.

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Listed here are some of our trusted partners whom we often work with.

You may find some of our partners services interesting and useful.  If so, please connect with them directly and mention Be All Ears as a reference or contact us with your questions and we can put them in touch with you.

Customer Experience Consultancy

A Customer Experience Consultancy, founded in 2012, guiding, mentoring and consulting with organisations and customer experience practitioners in over 35 countries worldwide. Founded by one of the world’s most passionate CX evangelist, Ian Golding.


Staffino is a software platform with the best source of reference for fair and transparent performance management reviews. Real customer feedback will help you identify and appreciate your stars and develop your under-performers. With Staffino at work, nothing goes unnoticed.


A provider of Cloud Contact Centre & Unified Communication solutions. Fohen provide award winning products developed internally as well as can offer some other solutions with some of their global partners. Foehn are also able to support with development and customisation of your internal contact centre and communication suites.

Rockstar CX

Rockstar CX help companies deliver ‘Rockstar Customer Experiences’ through coaching, training and workshop facilitation speared headed by the CX legend (and author) that is James Dodkins.

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