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A dedicated approach

We have a strong history of helping businesses like yours succeed and through our dedicated approach have become recognised as a trusted source of business growth. But don’t just listen to us saying how wonderful we are, hear what our clients have to say:

Super Support!


I have worked with David for 5 years on various projects in different countries and continents and his success has always came from his understanding of the workforce. David has a business model which puts the general workforce at the heart of the enterprise. He then engages the leadership teams to maximise their results by understanding the workforce which enables smoother transitions in the ever changing landscape of the modern business. I can provide two very distinct parallels which highlight David’s key skills.


On one project we worked on, sheer growth and lack of business direction created enormous challenges for David. The competing nature of a business experiencing uncontrollable growth rates while trying to reduce its operational costs drove significant challenges into the operations and daily lives of the workforce.


In this case the employee became the victim of radical change. With this erratic nature, further volatility ensued as the workforce became more unstable. The business was getting lost in its own success and KPIs and numbers where discussed more than any other subject. David secured his success by “going back to basics” as he would quote and turned his management team to focus inward and back on people. Success came. He secured impressive KPI performances, reduced attrition levels, improved CSAT scores and grew his business rapidly.


The back to basics approach for David is typified in the second parallel I worked with him on. Working on a project which was fabled as a “dead end”, David employed a tactic of getting into the workforce and really investing his time understanding the employee. He developed real operational rigour for all levels of employee, from agents to senior managers. He listened to the challenges they had but impressively helped everyone understand their challenges and supported them to make the correct decisions themselves. A real consultative approach, he quickly developed a high performing and engaged results driven team which had impressive commercial performance with low operational overheads.


This is David. He isn’t a typical consultant. He works with you to engage your workforce and jointly creates the operational rigour you need to succeed.


Job Role: Delivery Project Executive
Industry: BPO

Personable and Passionate


I have known Dave for a number of years and followed his career as it has progressed significantly over the years.


For the last two years I have had the pleasure of working with Dave.
I have found Dave to be extremely personable and extremely passionate about the customer and the experience that is delivered to them.


Whilst working with him he was very thorough in his quest to find excellence and was instrumental to the success of securing the best talent in the industry.


With over 20 years experience within the Customer Management industry, Dave has significant experience of taking companies through the changes and transformations that are needed now and in the future to create best practice in a modern world.

Job Role: Recruitment Director
Industry: BPO

Pro-active Leadership


I had the pleasure of working alongside David whilst we were managing UK Telco campaigns through a South African BPO during 2014/15. One thing that immediately stood out about David, was the way he could naturally engage with stakeholders of all levels, whilst absolutely understanding the value of putting the same level of effort in with his peer group and the leadership team that reported into him. David always injects a massive amount of pride into his work and relishes on inspiring pro-active Leadership over re-active management, and through this earned a great amount of respect from myself and the team he worked alongside. I have stayed in close contact with David since this time, and know he continues to instil this exceptional work ethic into everything that he does. David is an asset to any team fortunate to have him working with them.


Job Role: Senior BPO Lead – Voice & Digital Contact Centre Operations
Industry: BPO – Telecommunications

Satisfied Client!


David headed up a very demanding sales account for a UK based Telco. He was able to drive the right behaviours through his relentless focus on his operating rhythm, which delivered best in class customer metrics, whilst meeting or exceeding his performance metrics. David is someone you can give full autonomy to operate at a senior level and deliver.


Job Role: Operational Strategy Lead
Industry: Insurance

Exceptional Results


Having worked with David I can testify to his astute management in a business and support environment. David was part of my team who had the responsibility of transferring work from regional based offices around Europe into our Centre of Excellence in Brno, Czech Republic. Initially supporting the UK and Irish markets, David quickly demonstrated his ability to deliver exceptional customer satisfaction results in parallel with efficient team management and employee development. As a result, his skills were utilized to transfer and manage other regions within Europe.


David’s ability to understand the often complicated formula that delivers customer happiness, internal business goals and employee satisfaction have been the fundaments of his career in business support. This understanding coupled with his wide range of experience enables him to construct successful client relationships, build effective and efficient teams and most importantly achieve results in the areas that matter.


Job Role: Senior Director – Customer Service
Industry: Online Recruitment & Technology

Quick & Right Decisions


David delivered outstanding customer service results, whilst in growth mode. Someone I trust and value as a person.

Job Role: CEO
Industry: Travel & Technology