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Customer Experience Management


Be at ease, we are here! 

Most businesses are great at finding and winning customers, but how good are they at keeping them? We provide consultancy services which focus on the full CX spectrum, what can be referred to as CX management.


We specialise in the following areas of CX:


  • CX strategy
    • Build
    • Delivery
    • Alignment to business strategy and financial goals


  • Brand mission and values relating to a customer centric approach


  • Customer journey mapping and management


  • Measurement, the right systems & methodologies helping you to measure
    • VOC – Voice of Customer
    • VOP – Voice of Process
    • VOE – Voice of Employee


  • Customer centric culture
    • Employee personas
    • Customer personas
    • Employee engagement initiatives
    • Customer ambassadors/customer heros
    • Communication


  • Continuous improvement (CI) programs
    • Use of CI methodologies
    • Improvement and corrective actions


  • Return on investment
    • Aligning actions to results
    • Utilisation of key customer metrics into employee performance goals, all levels


Our recommendation is first to determine how mature is your CX model, reviewing your current situation, speaking with key stakeholders and then compiling an overview of where you will require further support.


Our aim to support clients by recognising where the biggest pain points are, we can help identify quick wins depending on how mature your CX approach is. However, note that CX management is not a short journey, it is an ongoing process. In fact, it can take several years to become customer centric.


At Be All Ears, we are happy to support clients through this entire journey on a long-term basis with a few hours a month support, or for just part of it.


‘Be what you should be’ – Be a partner of Be All Ears. Get in touch now for an informal discussion about how we can best support you.

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Customer Transformation & Contact Centre Management


Be informed

Given our long tenure in senior global contact centre management roles through sale and service, we are also able to offer consultancy for customer operational improvement and transformation programs.


We specialise in the follow areas of customer transformation:


  • Customer team creation or development
    • Understanding the needs of the business
    • Creating a roadmap and strategy
    • Checkpoints


  • Contact centre operation and performance excellence
    • Creation of operating models
    • Embedding the right KPI’s into the operation model
    • Day to day management efficiency gains


  • Cost control & efficiency gains
    • Optimisation
    • Budget control
    • Revenue


  • Continuous improvement (CI) programs – Sales & Service
    • Use of CI methodologies
    • Improvements and corrective actions


  • Outsourcing
    • Choosing the right partner
    • Vendor management


  • Communication
    • Team meetings
    • Change management
    • Employee engagement


  • Development
    • Coaching skills
    • Presentation skills


  • Contact centre software & technology
    • Creating the needs/RFI document
    • Choosing the right partner
    • Automation and AI (chatbots, voice bots & API possibilities)


We are also available for short term/interim professional support for senior contact centre/service roles.


‘Be what you should be’ – Be a partner of Be All Ears. Get in touch now for an informal discussion about how we can best support you

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