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Did you know Bees do not have ears? Instead Bees produce low-frequency sounds with their wings during several of their dances, to add extra information. They can't hear sound in the air, but can hear vibrations through the hive walls, and do communicate in this way.
Luckily for you, we DO have ears and we're looking forward to hearing from you.

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Be at ease, we are here! 

Driving change through employee (EX) & customer experience (CX), we specialise in supporting businesses to successfully overcome growth or operational challenges.


Consultative services and workshops offered in the areas of:

  • Business growth and customer  service /operational readiness
  • Transformation of 
    • Customer Experience (CX)
    • Employee Experience (EX)
  • Operational cost control recovery
  • Getting the best from
    • Voice Of Process (VOP)
    • Voice of Employee (VOE)
    • Voice of Customer (VOC) 
  • Coach or mentor support
  • Contact centre operation and performance excellence
  • Outsource vendor management & selection
  • Bringing back the working bee ethic in the modern day era
  • Communicating difficult messages in a positive manner
  • Embracing the millennial generation
  • Short term/interim professional support for senior contact centre/service roles


Also available for key note speaking or judging opportunities. Please get in touch to discuss availability 

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A simple process


Be informed

  • You tell us what you require and what would be your ideal state,
  • We agree if we can get you there
  • Each client is treated on an individual basis and all discussions are in strict confidence
  • We operate on a global playing field and are open to discussing contracts from all locations. After all we have wings, right (bad bee joke).

‘Be what you should be’ – Be a partner of Be All Ears. Get in touch now for an informal discussion about how we can best support you

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We keep the worker bee ethic close to our hearts, live by our motto “be what you should be” and actively promote our core values: Balance, Accountability, Equality and Openness in all we do, from the first day we speak to a potential client all the way through to contract conclusion.


Keeping that bee ethic in the forefront of our minds when it comes to consulting, we approach the work with our clients and their unit/s, or as we like to call them, Beehives, with an independent view. Assigning to them their own queen bee who works alongside the client to map out all of the requirements needed to ensure a happy and trusted relationship, which in turn assists us and you to reach your end goal.


Maybe you are a fresh start-up about to create a service plan, or an existing business running into some growth or communication concerns. Perhaps you are looking to take a different approach to managing your day to day routine? Do any of the following relate to you?

How can you be utilising tenured experience at a time where the old ways of working in a service / outsource environment are just not cutting it?

Consistently running into road blocks as you try to accommodate this ever-changing world of customer experience (CX) & employee experience (EX) tied with continuous advancement in technology / social offerings?

Often people talk about success in their roles, our curriculum vitae’s ooze the selling of success… yet we seem to be experiencing similar patterns faced in other corporate realms. Who really talks about their failures and takes the learning’s into new roles? Do you have such people in your workforce?

In today’s world a lot of companies overlook simple communications which can help aid the delivery of strategies. For example, listening does not guarantee improvements. Using our unique Be technique, we work with you and your business to better understand the requirements which are needed to deliver your strategy in a structured manner, whilst assisting you to prioritise your work items to make the best improvements with the most positive impacts.