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David Reid, CCXP

CEO / CX Specialist & Exec Mgmt Consultant


David speaks English and great bar Czech 😊


Specializations: CX Strategy, Customer Journey Management, Customer Centric Culture, Voice of Customer, Measurements & ROI, Contact Centre & Service Leadership, Outsourcing, C-Suite Mentorship, Project Management, Start Up Operations/Culture & Scalability.


David is a senior operational & strategic executive with over 20 years’ customer management experience and is certified as a CCXP – Customer Experience Professional, currently the only CCXP within CZ/SK. Having managed large scale global operations, with teams in excess of 1000FTE across 15 languages and 50+ nationalities, David learned quickly that when running successful customer centric operations, customer experience & employee experience are interlinked. As a CX Specialist, David is passionate about improving the lives of others and now puts his focus into supporting businesses to be become customer centric. Having resided within Czech Republic for 10+ years David is also passionate about improving the awareness around the value of CX and the CXPA competencies across the CEE region.


2018 Judge – UK CX Awards
2018 Chair Judge – Gulf CX Awards Gulf
2018 Judge – European Contact Centre & Customer Service Awards (ECCCSA)
2019 Judge – Contact Center World


“Customer service is reactive, whereas customer experience is, by nature, proactive”


Quote by David featured in the “The Customer Experience Quote Book – 365 Customer Experience Quotes by the Worlds Top CX & Business Leaders” –authored by James Dodkins


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Contact: david@beallears.net
Tel: +420 720 191 291

Jana Leitnerova, BA Hons

CX Consultant


Jana speaks English & Czech


Specializations: Employee Experience, Customer Service Operations, Business Development, Customer Centric Culture, Voice of Customer, Measurements & ROI, Customer Journey Management, Project Management, Corporate Social Responsibility


Currently preparing for her CCXP accreditation, Jana is an advocate of everything employee and truly understands that in order to capitalize on the benefits of customer experience, positive change stems from the focus on employee experience. Having spent 10+ years’ in the UK, Jana graduated with a BA honours degree in Business Studies and gained broad experience in customer management focused roles, from strategy planning through to customer innovations. Upon return to Czech Republic Jana then held the role of CX Manager for several years where she supported the creation of the CX program, creating core values & building successful customer feedback programs. To add to her experience Jana is currently in her last year of study in Psychology, so she is really able to help people to be what they should be, as well as to help Be All Ears and support organizations to focus on customer experience management, turning CX initiatives into tangible results.


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Contact: jana.leitnerova@beallears.net
Tel: +420 777 352 386

Jana Reid, Ing.

Marketing Director


Jana speaks English, Czech & German


Specializations: Social Media, Marketing, Operational Management, Customer Service Management, Project Management, Event Organization, Administration Management




Jana completed her master’s degree in Business and Economics, with a specialization in Marketing. Jana comes from a well-travelled background and has studied and worked in various native English and German locations across the globe. From this Jana has built up a wealth of knowledge around customer expectations and needs. Jana has spent 10+ years in various customer focused roles, with the latter part of her career in customer service and people management. Jana heads up the marketing and social elements here at Be All Ears putting her vast array of experience to use.


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Contact: jana.reid@beallears.net
Tel: +420 604 966 015