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Did you know Bees do not have ears? Instead Bees produce low-frequency sounds with their wings during several of their dances, to add extra information. They can't hear sound in the air, but can hear vibrations through the hive walls, and do communicate in this way.
Luckily for you, we DO have ears and we're looking forward to hearing from you.

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About Be

Supporting your quest for success

Be What You Should Be

The original idea for Be All Ears came from David Reid, our Founder & CEO. Taking into consideration all of the hurdles and successes he has faced throughout his career in service and the outsource/BPO industry, from across several industries. The idea developed from considering what key actions worked, and more importantly, what did not?


Be All Ears is a management consultancy built on trust and knowledge from a combination of first-hand successes and experiences which provide the stronghold for a unique Be approach.  An approach which can support other businesses in their individual quests to positively transform their customer, employee or operational experiences.

Be All Ears was derived from two areas: “to listen” and “to be”


Both are linked to communication and how we approach our roles and responsibilities in the modern era.

To listen

We have a diverse background in contact centres, service, sales and outsourcing. No matter what the industry, improvements are made based on understanding the needs of your customers, employees and peers. Some businesses find it difficult to handle social media demands and the millennial ways of working. Take this thought, along with the rest of the cross-departmental needs and of course the customers’ requirements for success, and you have yourself a wide array of data points to help drive positive changes. Listen to the people and let them drive the change by engaging the workforce, the customers and the management boards.

To Be or not to Bee

‘Be’ crosses over into the wonderful world of the working ‘bee’. Just like a honey bee, everyone in the workforce has a role to play; the queen remains the lead and the workforce deliver to the needs of the hive, and their customers. This way of working for the bee has rarely changed, yet in our modern workforces we are constantly having to adapt.


Like bees, we all have a role to play, but just how are we delivering to these role requirements?

  • Who is leading the hive? Is it the customer, the employee, the CEO?
  • With more and more unique roles being thrown into the mix, how productive are we?
  • How many roles overlap?
We need to ‘be’ leading from the front, ‘be’ in control and ‘be’ understanding of all areas which we manage.


Delivering success is already difficult enough when you have a lot of tasks to juggle, more so throughout our industries where you can often find yourself in very stressful environments. We believe it is important to have personality.


A combination of all of the above led to the naming of Be All Ears. You must be able to take a step back at times and just listen, walk in the shoes of others and act. Time is precious but if you cannot commit to this one activity, you will never be as successful as you could be, but you will have many a learning to add to your journey.

Be proactive and let’s start working together, today.